The Art Of Sexual Self-Empowerment Course- coming soon!

Art of sexual self-empowerment

“The Art of Sexual Self-Empowerment” is my *brand new course* for women keen to revolutionise their sex lives… and it’s COMING SOON.

It builds on the brief guide, which you can find here.

If you’re tired of feeling sexually dis-empowered, passive, empty or numb this course was built especially for you!

Say goodbye to…

Shitty sex

Mumbling, deflecting or saying “I don’t know, whatever yoooooou want” awkwardly when your partner asks you what you want in bed

Feeling dull, grey and as sexy as a damp mop

And low-key desire. 

Instead, say bonjour to a more confident, sensual and embodied you.


Tap into your authentic sexual self.

The Art of Sexual Self-Empowerment can help you feel the connection, vibrancy and aliveness to your sexual identity that you’ve been looking for/missing.
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It’s the process i went through… find out more about my journey below…

Experience Magical, Practical Content:

Over a series of a few weeks, we’ll explore together the following essential foundations to sexual self-empowerment:

This is a fascinating introduction to how desire works. 

Becoming aware of how desire works means you’ll not only have a better understanding of yourself but you’ll also explore the problems with how we view female sexuality and “sexual dysfunction”.

We’ll explore concepts like sexual accelerators and brakes, and two different models of desire. 

By understanding *how* you actually work through accurate and empowering sex education, we’ll bust myths about desire and you’ll learn the secret to managing responsive desire.

Expect factual, accurate, feminist educational materials that provide a deep and powerful understanding of the female libido that you’ll want to share immediately with friends. 

Challenge your hidden blocks to sexual authenticity by shining a light on the stories you are telling yourself. These act as a barrier to us being able to access and express our true sexual self.

We’ll examine our deepest limiting beliefs about sex in a safe, empowering and non-judgemental environment, and use powerful tools to challenge these blocks and create a detailed bespoke action plan on how to begin our journey into sexual self-empowerment. 

Become a creator of your own sexuality and centre your pleasure in your next sexual encounter through this dynamic session where we discover what turns you on, off, and the six most common factors that shut down desire. 

We’ll unleash your sexual imagination through tools like fantasising, erotic blueprints, seduction types and erotic self-focus exercises to explore where you want to go during sex. 

Learn to celebrate your sexuality though this comprehensive lesson in how to tap into your wildest desires.

Build skills for sexual confidence, resilience and empowerment 

You’ll learn long-lasting, foolproof strategies in:

Learning *how* to ask for what we want in bed, and feeling confident enough to express our desires, is the golden standard for great sex. And this module focuses on just that.

Together we’ll walk our way through what’s holding you back from speaking out, and how to overcome any barriers. We’ll explore whether you’re giving up sexual power and how to get it back. 

Understanding more about boundaries is key- so we’ll look at how to put in place healthy boundaries, and how to defend them using intuition and strategies for communication.

Finally we explore taking the lead during sex- tips for successful initiation of sex and how control is central to desire.

Increasing the body-mind-spirit connection to have embodied, beautiful sex we’re completely present for is essential for a great sex drive. 

This course will help you build a sense of connection to your body, sexual energy and power.

You’ll walk away feeling alive and full of sensation, with a mind that tingles with excitement, intrigue and tease. 

You’ll increase your connection to your body, embracing your sensual self and feeling in touch with your sexual power and vitality. You’ll also graduate the course with lifelong strategies to reconnect with your body and ideas for how to incorporate touch, sensuality and pleasure into your day to day life.

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“The Art of Sexual Self-Empowerment” course will be launching in the Summer of 2020.

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