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Don’t fancy sex, but not sure why or what to do about it?

You’re not alone. 

For four years (four veeeeeery LONG years) my sex drive vanished too

I wondered exactly the same questions. And the more I learned, the more I found out that SO many other women experience that same faded desire (although often we don’t talk about it). 

And many women end up having sex for the sake of their relationship- because they feel they should, not because they really want to. If they’re lucky they might have a few good bonks every so often- reconnecting to their sexual energy or remembering part way through that sex can be fun and pleasureable. Others just stopping having sex all together. 

And that didn’t feel to me a happy, empowering, satisfying sex life.

Instinctively I knew that understanding WHY my desire had faded would be half the battle to getting it back. But, I wasn’t sure where to begin… so I spent the next four years devoting my life to finding out what was causing my low sex drive- and how to get it back. 

And TBH… what I found was pretty amazing.

I knew I had to get the word out to other women who must be feeling the same.

That’s why I created a brand new and totally free course for women called Discover Desire.

Years of love, learning, developing and refining have gone into this course to curate a comprehensive guide to understanding desire.

It condenses the hundreds of hours of reading, listening and exploring that we’ve done on desire to bring you an empowering and informative 7 part course that explores:

  • how your libido *actually* works
  • why our understanding of desire is all wrong
  • a new, better, science backed and empowering understanding of desire
  • an introduction to what’s closing down your desire
  • and a framework for creating a satisfying relationship with your desire that you can use to navigate whatever life throws at you in future (if you choose to!)

You’ll discover that there’s a reason behind why nearly HALF of all women report feeling a lack of interest in sex.  

And- spoiler alert- it’s because the problem isn’t with YOU! 

Want to know why it makes total sense that *so* many women experience fading desire in a Long Term Relationship, and what YOU can do about it?

 Sign up to our Discover Desire *free* course to find out!


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