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What if I told you everything you know about your sex drive isn’t true?

One of the first (and biggest) eye openers I had when researching desire after losing my sex drive is that female sexuality is completely misunderstood.

For a start, many experts question the idea that we even have a “sex drive”! They believe (contrary to what many of us have always been told) that:

Desire isn’t a drive (like hunger), or an essential human need.

If we look at desire like it’s something innate or “set”, a libido disappearance seems disastrous.

We can feel completely broken, or like it’s a serious medical issue- and trying to get it back is a daunting task… like looking for water in a well that has run dry.

Most women are rarely told the truth about their sexuality- that instead of it being a complex, mystical, impossible, in fact there’s a rather simple formula to desire and how to experience it.

So we’re here to remedy that.

We’ve designed a completely FREE four week email course called Discover Desire.

Four years of love, learning, developing and refining have gone into this easy read guide sent straight to your inbox. 

It condenses the hundreds of hours of reading, listening and exploring that I’ve done on desire to bring you an empowering and informative course that explores:

  • how your libido *actually* works
  • major myths around female sexuality
  • what “normal” levels of desire are
  • and what’s closing down your desire.

You’ll discover that women’s desire doesn’t just dip for no reason.

And a low sex drive doesn’t mean you are broken.

In fact, we turn this sh*t upside down and show you how a change in desire is usually a very natural and normal response to what’s going on in your life. 

Knowing the true nature of desire will honestly change your life.

Interested? Sign up below to get started ♥

Discover desire dead bedroom sexless marriage female sexuality empower libido sex drive desire


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