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How to get back your sex drive Sexual self-empowerment

How a disconnect from your sexual self impacts on desire (and our top secret for how to reconnect!)

Reading Time: 5 minutes There are many things that can close down a woman’s sex drive, but one of the MOST common factors (but not often spoken about) is because there is a barrier to her accessing and expressing her sexual self. This might feel like not only low (or no) desire for sex with a …

Mood, mindset and desire Sex and desire Sexual self-empowerment

#13 tips on how to lose control during sex (for people who struggle to let go)

Reading Time: 8 minutes “In sex, you need to let yourself go… to the point of foolishness”- Sexology (film) Sex is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Surrendering, and releasing control. Being pleasured and finding pleasure. About having tousled hair, wild eyes and an open heart. And yet, losing ourselves within sex can be …

Sexual self-empowerment Understanding how your sex drive works

What does it mean to be “aroused”, and the link between arousal and desire

Reading Time: 4 minutes So, this blog post is on arousal. You might know by now that for some women desire for sex may come *after* arousal (if you didn’t know this, read this post here). Therefore, knowing what arousal is, and the physical sensations and changes that happen to our bodies, is crucial for …