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Anxiety Depression How to get back your sex drive Mood, mindset and desire

Anxiety, depression and desire

Reading Time: 6 minutes Many people say that your desire for sex is like a barometer for your general well-being- (i.e. if your desire for sex falls, it could indicate that something isn’t quite right).  Very often, that’s around our mental/psychological health and well-being.  It’s really easy to underestimate the role our mind plays in …

How to get back your sex drive Sex and desire

Here’s why the sex you are (or were) having is the cause of your low sex drive. And what to do about it!

Reading Time: 14 minutes It seems obvious saying it out loud, but one of THE most common reasons for women losing their sex drive is that the sex they are (or were) having isn’t satisfying.

Below, we’ll share with you some insights into WHY the sex you are (or were) having is shutting down your desire to do it again, and some tips and tools for how to boost your appetite. It’s quite a long post, so grab a cuppa and dive in!

How to get back your sex drive Relationships and desire

The 5 factors in your relationship shutting down your levels of desire (and how to resolve them)…

Reading Time: 13 minutes For many women, their desire doesn’t exist within a vacuum and how they feel about their partner governs how much they might like to have sex with them.

There are five main things to look out for in relationships which can negatively impact on desire. We’ll walk you through each one in this post and give you some ideas on how to resolve them…

How to get back your sex drive Sexual self-empowerment

How a disconnect from your sexual self impacts on desire (and our top secret for how to reconnect!)

Reading Time: 5 minutes There are many things that can close down a woman’s sex drive, but one of the MOST common factors (but not often spoken about) is because there is a barrier to her accessing and expressing her sexual self. This might feel like not only low (or no) desire for sex with a …