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It’s one of the VERY FIRST things that Emily Nagoski’s “Come As You Are” book (AKA the sex drive bible) recommends.

Get to know your pussy. Love your famwa. Get intimate with your vagine.

And she’s the expert, so its obviously pretty important.

Many of us might’ve done the bathroom squat with a hand mirror when we were 15, in response to instructions from a book on “growing up” surreptitiously placed on our beds by an embarrassed Mum.

Or had a good old peek to check for lumps, bumps and automobiles after a sexual health checkup.

But how often do you look now?

Here’s two reasons why you should look at yours today (and EVERYDAY!), and get to know her better.

1. Because your partner probably looks at it more than you do!

Ask yourself- does your partner know your vulva more intimately than you do?

If the answer’s yes, perhaps its time to get aquainted with that part of your body.

After all, it’s part of you, and knowing what you like look is important so you know what your partner is seeing down there!

2. Because we tend to only see a certain type of vulva and can feel ashamed of our own if it doesn’t fit the mould!

We’re often conditioned since children to be ashamed of our vaginas (did anyone else call theirs a “front bottom”- arg!), and with the rise of things like vagina-plasty etc, even our nether-regions aren’t safe from the judgmental eyes of society and fashion trends.

The only vulvas we usually ever see are those of porn stars, and those ladies are paid to have fabulous looking fannies.

We might think our vulvas aren’t attractive down there because they don’t fit the modern stereotype of what the perfect vagina looks like.

But its SO important to LOVE your pussy!

It’s a life giving, creative, beautiful, sexual part of your body. And we all don’t look at or worship the pussy enough.

3. Because it can improve your sex drive

The more you look, the more comfortable and confident with what you’re working with down there you’ll be. 

Taking your kit off will be easier, you’ll be more body confident, and therefore less worries when you’re actually bonking.

You might even find the experience empowering!

So go on, get that mirror out like you’re fifteen and embrace that fanny!

What did you find when you look at your/others vaginas?

P.S. Check out this amazing guide from Brook called “So what is a vulva anyway?”  for a great guide to understanding more about what’s what.

There’s also the ONLY Vagina Museum in the world opening up in London- check out their site as it looks like a great idea!