Struggling a with a low sex drive?

If you’re fed up of tumbleweed at bedtime, and you want that feeling of wanting sex again.

If you feel numb, empty or broken, and need help to reconnect to your desire.

If you dread bedtime, and want to know how to successfully navigate when you aren’t up for sex together.

Welcome to Desired State.

We’ve got the 🗺 map 🗺 for you to unlock sexual desire.

Half of women have a low sex drive. So maybe the problem isn’t women- it’s our view of sexuality.

- Sarah Barmak


Our radical philosophy is that *it makes total sense* why so many women experience fading desire.

(Especially in a Long Term Relationship).

Instead of feeling there’s something wrong if you’re not in the mood for sex, our simple yet effective resources will help you:

  • discover the truth behind desire
  • fall in love with sex
  • and elevate your sexual confidence .