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If your sex drive isn’t where you’d like it to be, or you’re curious to learn more about your sexuality, the Desired State Night School is designed to help. 

Our two step guide to understanding and connecting to your sexual desire will empower you to discover how you work, who you are, what you need and what you want in bed✨ 

Discover Desire...

What If We Told You That Everything You Thought You Knew About Your Sex Drive Wasn’t True?

Begin by scrolling down to learn more about the science behind your libido and the truth about how it actually works in our “Discover Desire” series for beginners. 

You’ll find out:

Spoiler alert: you might even leave questioning whether you have a low sex drive at all…

The 6 Pathways to Desire

Should you want to deepen your connection to your sexual desire, (AKA you’ve been frantically googling “how to get back my sex drive?”), our Six Pathways To Desire model is the tool for you.

Whether your desire is a little wobbly and you’re curious about how to create more stability, or your sex drive has fallen off a cliff and you’re clueless about how to get it back- we’ve got you covered.

Click the articles below to find out more about what motivates us to have sex. Then use our 6 pathways model to figure out what’s blocking you from wanting sex- and follow the tools and tips for ideas on how to connect more deeply to your desire.

And introducing...

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Get to know your sexual self

Join The Art of Sexual Self-Empowerment– our brand new signature course- and undertake a journey of sexual self-discovery.

 “The Art of Sexual Self-Empowerment” is an 8 week programme designed to help you know yourself, unlock your desires and embrace your inner sexual power. 

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