Discover Fearless Sexual Empowerment

Has anyone ever explicitly told you that sex was SUPPOSED TO FEEL GOOD?

For YOU, as well as your partner?

My only education about sex was in PSHE at school- and it was all about the mechanics of sex, putting on a condom, how not to get pregnant, and a brief intro to some nasty looking diseases I might pick up.

Essentially it was like this guy, with less comedy value:

 There was no mention of consent, of trust, love, desire, or enjoyment.

So it hit me like a ton of bricks when I realised, at age 30:


And that single fact has cast a shadow over my entire (sex) life, and that of I suspect many other women.

Because for most of us our sex education classes at school didn’t focus on our sexual pleasure (or anything in detail about how desire and arousal work), and our society has shamed and marginalised (if not completely ignored) women’s sexual pleasure throughout history, many of us are completely in the dark about how our bodies work or how to enjoy sex.

So, our actual understanding of our sexuality and our bodies may be fairly limited. (I mean, mine was frankly atrocious!).

If this is you, and you’re also seeking more pleasure, more power, more energy in your sex life, this website is for you 


Vive La (Sexual) Révolution!

To remedy this, I recommend every woman goes on a journey in pursuit of fearless sexual empowerment.

Sexual Self-Empowerment is the Sex Education You Never Had (But Wish You Did).

It’s the education we wished we got at school (minus the kids flinging around femidoms and those weird birthing videos)…

How to become sexually fearless  

I’ve compiled a selection of resources that will help you discover and explore your sexuality, learn how to express your wants and needs, and empower yourself to seek sexual pleasure and enjoyment.

Knowledge is the first step towards pleasure, so go forth- seek what sets your heart and fanny on fire… 

Get to know your sexual self:

Learn new skills:

Want to go deeper?

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Say bonjour to a more confident, sensual and embodied you.


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