About us

About Us

What we do

 Desired State is the only platform dedicated solely to female sexual desire.

Our vision is a world in which all women feel sexually liberated, unashamed and satisfied in the bedroom.

Our mission is twofold:

1. Empowering over 10,000 women with expert knowledge on sexual desire and actionable tools to change the story of women’s sex lives.

We will achieve this through engaging, educating and empowering women via our sexuality workshops, online platform, courses and coaching to help elevate their desire.

2. Changing the way people think and feel about female sexual desire so that we break the silence around low desire, remove the shame and challenge incorrect information that leads many women to endure bad/boring/painful sex.

We will achieve this through campaigning and encouraging community based activism in our courses and workshops to bust myths around desire, sex and female pleasure and challenge harmful attitudes or representations of desire. 

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Our Story

We began with one woman’s search for a better sex drive.

Our founder (Laura) realised that there are very few resources for women experiencing low sexual desire available. The most visible information that she did find was largely unhelpful. Much of it was either:

  • medicalised (dysfunction disorders anyone?)
  • simplistic (“because of stress”)
  • odd (you’re not drinking enough sex coffee or eating enough brocolli) 
  • or felt kind of scary (see a sex therapist! Take a pink pill!).

Fewer still addressed why this issue is SO common for women.

The great stuff she did find was spread across numerous websites and in different corners of books, and there was nowhere that pulled together all the good work that is out there for women to easily access.

So, to remedy this- Desired State was created.

And a journey to find one sex drive expanded into a mission to help every woman lead a life that is pleasure filled, sexually empowered and sensually vibrant.



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