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“What’s the best way to get my sex drive back?”

You’ve probably typed variations of this question into Google a million times, spent hours searching and trawling various websites… but leaving without a satisfactory answer.

I know how that feels.

The late night fights about your lack of desire.
The withdrawing from your partner. The feigned headaches and endless excuses.
The guilt. Frustration. Loneliness.
The emptiness and dulling of sensation- that disconnection from your body and sexuality erased.

The *effort* having sex seems.

And the feeling of being broken. 

Wondering whether you’ll ever experience desire again.

I know, because I’ve been on that road too.

And I know (ugh) how tough it was!

So, I set about figuring out how to get mine back. Which resulted in over four years of hard graft working on transforming my own sex drive (you can read more about me here).

And I’m so PLEASED to say that to cut the journey time down of every woman out there who is experiencing a low sex drive (and wants to get hers back) here is the answer to how to get back your desire, feel sexually confident, and take control of your sex life….

3 Powerful Steps to Transform Your Desire:

Step one: Learn

 Learning about how your sex drive *actually* works is the first step. 

This is because “knowledge is power” (said in booming voice). But also, its because most people only know HALF the story about how desire functions

And learning more about what we’re dealing with is essential to know how to get it back!

You’ll learn more about sexual brakes and accelerators, responsive and impulsive desire, and why traditional ways of increasing your sex drive don’t work in this “Understanding Desire” series- the perfect place to begin. 

Or, if you CBA to sit and read through the posts (I’m a realist!) click here to sign up to my *free* 4 week course on Understanding Desire.


Step Two: Explore

The next step is to find out what’s putting the brakes on your desire.

For a large number of women, they don’t just lose their sex drive for no reason- in fact they stop wanting sex because it;s a healthy response to whatever is going on in their lives. 

So to reverse this, it’s important to explore what factors in her life could be shutting down desire. 

Luckily for you, I’ve made a list of the six most common ones to give you a flying start.


Step Three: Empower

Once you know the main elements that turn off your desire, it’s time to take your foot off the brakes and discover your sexuality.

Click below to find the BEST tools, guidance, practises and resources to empower you to take your foot off the brake, rediscover intimacy, and step into a new confident and vibrant sexual you below.

I’m so excited for you to begin this journey!