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Belly dance originates from the Middle East and is (traditionally) performed to Arabic music.

A dance for women and performed at celebrations or social gatherings, it involves isolating parts of the body to create undulating movements that are memorising to watch.

Many of us recognise the shimmies, the weaving fingers, the hip flicks, belly waves and heavily lined eyes of beautiful belly dancers from films (like James Bond below- naughty!).

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Or popularised by the seductive Mata Hari, a spy during WW1:

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Why it can help boost your sex drive

  1. It’s fun:

You can have fun with belly dancing because you can laugh, sing, shake and bend your body however you feel. No-one judges you, and there’s women of all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

It’s not vigorous exercise- instead of breaking a sweat, you’ll be practising how to wiggle your boobs up and down, shake your bottom and twirl your fingers like you’ve got an invisible maraca.

It’s about enjoying yourself and the moment, and not about “performing” in any way.

And having fun is a total antidote to stress, which is like a wrecking ball to the libido.


2. It helps with body confidence

 It looks so empowering because women of all shapes and sizes look sexy and totally gorgeous whilst doing it!

3. It creates a new relationship with your body

Women in the modern age often lack a sense of connection to their bodies. We spend our days living in our own heads, and the beauty of belly dance is that it forges a connection back between your mind and body.

Dance and using our bodies to communicate is one of the oldest forms of expression, and if we’re disconnected from our bodies, and especially from our pelvic/hip region (where as women, our power resides) it can leave us feeling deflated, empty, lost.

So belly dance counters this through creation, expression, and teaching you to trust your body so that if you just stop “thinking” and let it move, it’ll do so in ways you never imagined you could.

It feels SO liberating.

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4. It helps awaken your sexual/sensual side:

Because the music is incredibly sensual, the rhythmic drum beats conjure up images of deserts, mystery, fire and the exotic.

By moving your body in ways you may never have before, opening the pelvis and rocking the hips, this is supposed to release your sexual energy (oo-err). Belly dance activates these areas to open them up and help you become more conscious of them.

Whether you believe in things like chakra’s (and how the pelvic sacral chakra is blocked if you have low desire) this or not, moving the hips in this way creates a sense of sexual charge or energy that will help you begin to make your way back to feeling a sense of desire.


5. You begin to see yourself as a sexual being:

Belly dancing helps you tap into that sexual energy that you’ve misplaced.

It’s sensual, erotic, feminine- the way you move your body in some ways imitates sex, so it gives you a language in which to express your sexuality.


Do you think belly dance could help you regain your desire? Comment below.