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This week’s #sexdrivestories is by the lovely Sensual Delights who writes a very heartfelt post about contraceptives (specifically the Mirena coil) and the impact on her sex drive….

*Guest post*

My Sex Drive vs. the Mirena Coil

​So after much procrastinating over whether I should write this post and share a deeply personal as well as anguishing feature of my life with you all, I have decided to. For selfish reasons as well as altruistic; I hope to get some of this weight off of my chest as well as hoping someone experiencing the same problem feels that they are not alone.
So here goes . . .


Historically I have never been blessed with an easy menstrual cycle; far from it. It nearly cost me my job in 2016 due to poor timing and a misunderstanding. Despite having most of the symptoms associated with Endometriosis, the GP’s at my doctors surgery refused to think it was that even though I’d been in excruciating pain to the point where I couldn’t go to work. They just kept saying “It’s just heavy periods and we’ll supply you with Codeine and Naproxen” after they sent me for an ultrasound to look for polycystic ovaries which came back inconclusive.

​After a while I gave up, feeling that I wasn’t going to get anywhere seeing as all the GP’s wanted to do was to put me on some form of hormone contraception or give me pain meds. I get that for some people this sorts everything out without any hiccups. If you are one of those people, know this; I am insanely jealous of you. Aside from the horrific amounts of pain and blood, my sex life was pretty sweet; we’d be intimate probably 3-4 times a week which isn’t half bad.

Eventually fed up and aggrieved that he had to keep seeing me in agony every month and knowing that I’d likely to have to keep having days off as going to work was pretty much a write off at these times, my partner persuaded me to give it another go with the GP’s.  So I did……

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