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Lube is for everyone because sometimes we ALL STRUGGLE TO GET WET.

There are tons of reasons why it can be hard for women to get aroused, ranging from:

  • anxiety
  • feeling tired
  • being dehydrated
  • as part of the menopause

And many more.

Often we think lube is only for older people, but in fact, lube can really help to improve anyone’s sex life because it takes away much of the worry about getting turned on, as well as decreases the likelihood that sex will hurt. And after all, improving the quality of sex is important for desire!

Lube helps because…

#1: it tricks your mind into feeling desire because your body thinks it’s horny! It’s often a bit cold when it’s first applied to your fanny, and this tricks your body into thinking you’re naturally lubricated. Your mind can then follow and it’s easier to stay in the moment.

#2: it takes the pressure off of being wet naturally so you can relax and not experience performance anxiety.

#3: You can then start having sex/playing around- even if you don’t feel like the horniest person on earth, you can often begin with a cheeky finger or stimulation to begin ramping up your sex drive to where you want it to be. This is linked to responsive desire and is really helpful for many women to start arousal which then triggers desire.

Therefore- lube is king. However, do be aware that it’s important to be informed about the lube you are buying to check that the ingredients aren’t causing you harm. This article by JoDivine is a great guide for what to avoid when buying lube (and what can/can’t be used!).  

Do you use lube? Has it helped with your sex drive before?

P.S. This article by the amazing Tracey Cox is about how lube can transform your sex life- well worth a read.