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Welcome to Desired State.

If you’ve lost your sex drive and want to want sex again– we’ve got you covered 

We’re a feminist, female-centred platform designed to help women understand more about desire (and how to connect to their own) through sexuality education, myth busting, free resources, courses and coaching. 

We believe this will lead to a world where women are empowered to have incredible, pleasure-filled sex that they *actually* want, if/when they want to. 

Want to throw off the shackles of lacklustre sex and set this sh*t on fire?  

♡ We can’t wait to meet you 

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Our Philosophy

  • Non Judgemental

  • Feminist

  • Inclusive

  • Empowering

We believe in women defining sexual pleasure and satisfaction on their own terms. 

Whether you’re having tons of sex (or none) if you’re happy with the frequency (and satisfied with the sex if you are having it) that’s all that matters.

Begin here by finding out more about how we frame sex, female sexuality, and a loss of libido.