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Perhaps you’ve arrived here because your sex drive has faded, and you’d like to know how to reclaim what you once had.

Or maybe you’re looking to forge something completely new in terms of your desire– to feel more confident, empowered, able to turn yourself on and ask for pleasure.

Either way, this website is for you 

Want to throw off the shackles of lacklustre sex and set this sh*t on fire?  

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Our Philosophy

Our story began with one woman’s search for a better sex drive, and expanded into a mission to connect every woman with powerful techniques and resources to help them experience deeply empowering and fulfilling relationships with their sexual desire. 

Our philosophy is that all women should be able to define their sexual happiness and how much sex they want on their own terms… whether that’s tons of sex (or none), if you’re satisfied that’s all that matters. 


If you’re dissatisfied with your current levels of sexual desire, and you know you want to experience more, we’ve got you covered.

Begin here by finding out more about how we frame sex, female sexuality, and a loss of libido.